Yorkshire Terrier: Small Dog with Big Character

Yorkshire Terrier: Small Dog with Big Character

If you are considering exploring the advantages of having a Yorkie as a pet, it is important to know that this race is a small dog that does not need large areas to live. With their dedication to their people, their elegant and aesthetic appearance, and their perfect adaptation to their apartment life, it is quite normal for these little dogs to be loved so much. A small space is sufficient for daily exercise needs. Also, they don't need a high budget to feed properly or they don't require expensive equipment for their training. Yorkshire Terrier, or "yorkie" for short,  is a brave and lovely friend. Here are the top 5 reasons to live with Yorkie!

1-Living with Yorkie

This race can live with all kinds of people. It is a trustworthy animal that, by its creation, shares its affection with anyone who is kind to him and has a good humor who can spend time with him. They love their owners and, due to their carefree and generous nature, they interact perfectly with other dogs.

2- Yorkie's love of protection

It is true that guard dogs should be large, but the Yorkshire Terrier protects the house and family very well. It still has the courage of its terrier ancestors: despite its small size, it is fearless. A Yorkshire Terrier will take a strong stand and posture while protecting the owner's home, car or garden.

3- Gorgeous character of Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers have a strong memory. They love to have fun and playing games is mandatory for them. No matter what game, they love to play.

Its extroverted personality and playful attitude make it an ideal pet for both young and old people. Kids and Yorkie are natural friends. But they are also ideal friends for the elderly. With their compassion and sensitivity, it is the perfect companion for those who have to stay at home for any reason.

4-Indoor and outdoor spaces for Yorkie

Simple walks in the garden or inner courtyard are enough for the Yorkshire Terrier to exercise without leaving the house. They are ideal pets for those who live in small apartments without leaving the house very often. And although they don't actually need it, they get pretty excited when they go out. They love to play on the grass and dig them. They become perfect friends for a meadow trip.

5- Family dog Yorkie

These breed dogs have a strong family phenomenon. Instinctively, they know who came home earlier, who came later, or who was not at home. If the people he loves haven't come home yet, they won't sleep.