Yorkie skateboarding
  • 01.10.2020
  • 333

I am sure you have encountered many bulldog videos riding the skateboard. Lazy bulldogs love skateboarding. So do you think an energetic Yorkie likes skateboarding?

First time at the beach. Cute yorkie found a treasure
  • 01.10.2020
  • 18

Yorkie named Kiki is going to the beach for the first time. You will want to see his unique reactions. Our little cute pirate also finds a treasure for himself.

This yorkie is thinks she is a baby. She is so cute
  • 01.10.2020
  • 189

She is a sweet lil dog and looked so cute in the swing. She wasn't scared , she was enjoying her ride!. She's feeling the breeze.

Priceless reaction of Yorkie's to plastic owl
  • 27.09.2020
  • 1611

On our site, we saw the reactions of Yorkies to many different animals, their relationship to them. So do you think a Yorkie can distinguish between a real owl and a toy owl? Let's watch and see

Mutual interest relationship between Pitbull and Cute Yorkie.
  • 27.09.2020
  • 56

Is Pitbull helping her friend Yorkie or stealing her food ? I think this works for both. Both sides are finally happy. Every job has a reward

Treat is the magic word to wake up your Yorkie
  • 27.09.2020
  • 921

Lazy things love to sleep. We love to wake them up and play with them. But when they don't want to wake up, you can use the magic word to wake them up.

Lana the Yorkie goes down stairs. Most cute baby ever.
  • 24.09.2020
  • 21434

Lana is nervous about going down the stairs because she has tiny and short legs. Mommy is trying to encourage her a little, but this little lady doesn't want to go down the stairs. her sweet behaviors will melt your heart. How about your puppy. Do you remember your puppy's first steps.

Yorkie goes crazy watching squirrels on TV. He try to catch him. Try not to laugh!
  • 24.09.2020
  • 2576

Yorkie dogs have great personalities so they do well with most animals, but in this video they obviously don't like squirrels. As you know, Terrier dogs are a bit aggressive but they are not prone to harming any living creature. Probably the reason he attacked the squirrel he saw on TV in this video is because he tried to protect his territory. This little guy looks pretty edgy because he's doing it on an instinctive basis. So how does your dog react when watching TV?

Paxton Yorkie's Newest Trick - How to Pack A Bag. So smart puppy.
  • 22.09.2020
  • 45078

Yorkies are very precious puppies and they don't make sad their mommy. One of their most important feature is that they can easily train. This cute friend also performs the tricks he learned from his mother very well. You can also train your yorkie to easily get into the carrying bag or get in the car. Let's watch and see this little budy's tricks.

Yorkie singing to her favorite Christmas song!. Cuteness little singer.
  • 20.09.2020
  • 45183

As most of dogs, terrier dogs join in howling when you sing or hear a musical noise. While we still don't know exactly why dogs behave like that, it's clear that they accompany us because they definitely love us. Of course, we also like our little friends to accompany us. So does your dog like to sing?

Zola Belle the Yorkie Gets REALLY Excited when Her Daddy Gets Home
  • 20.09.2020
  • 109113

This dog is the cutest dog I have ever seen!! Believe me!!!. She very excited when daddy come home. I think mommy is way more excited than the pooch. Seems that Yorkies really gravitate toward men. They really take to them. Do you think yorkies love men more than women ?

Taking My puppy Pet Store Shopping. He is so funny and he want everything.
  • 20.09.2020
  • 18120

He really loves Tennis Balls. In fact, he gets very excited about every toy he sees. he asking for an outfit and more. do you taking your Dog Pet Store Shopping. Milo is feeling much better. How about your yorkie?. Do he/she love to go Pet Store Shopping.

Best Of Cute Yorkie Puppies Compilation. Best funny puppies ever.
  • 20.09.2020
  • 28581

Yorkies are very funny dogs. They think they are big dogs but their not and they are so tiny. They are so cute and adorable but very feisty puppies. But, you can't help but love them.Yorkies are the best until they pee all over your carpet. After you watch this video we sure you will go for get a yorkie beca you will lov them.

Yorkie puppy trying to wake up her mommy by kissing. So adorable.
  • 19.09.2020
  • 33819

This little friend gives kisses early in the morning to wake up her mother. mommy loved hearing that sweet fry in the mornings it was just to cute. Gorgeous little doggo! Can you tell me if Yorkies are good for people with allergies?