Yorkie Loves McDonald's
  • 03.02.2023
  • 461

I love this little yorkie she is the cutest ! you always take great care of her ! I can see from your videos you are a very good daddy to her.

Funny and Cute Yorkshire Terriers | Yorkie Dog Compilation
  • 01.02.2023
  • 1185

Funny and Cute Yorkshire Terriers | Yorkie Dog Compilation

Puppy's first 3 days at home
  • 26.01.2023
  • 16113

This is Bear. She is our Yorkie/Maltese Mix and she's 8 weeks old. Here are a few videos from her first 3 days with us. Our future hiking buddy in training :)

Yorkie Dad Annoyed with His Puppy
  • 23.01.2023
  • 4183

This is hilarious. The trials and tribulations of being a father to a little ball of fun & energy!

French Bulldog vs. Yorkshire Terrier
  • 21.01.2023
  • 2339

The French Bulldog and the Yorkshire Terrier are both small dog breeds, but they have some significant differences in terms of their appearance, personality, and care requirements. French Bulldogs, also known as "Frenchies," are a small, muscular breed with a distinctive "bat ears." They are friendly and affectionate, and make great companion dogs. They are relatively low maintenance in terms of grooming and exercise, but can be prone to certain health issues such as breathing problems. Yorkshire Terriers, or "Yorkies," are a small, toy breed with long, silky hair. They are energetic, intelligent, and can be quite independent. They require regular grooming to keep their hair in good condition, and can be prone to certain health issues such as dental problems. Both breeds can make great pets for the right owner, but it's important to consider your lifestyle and preferences when choosing between a French Bulldog and a Yorkshire Terrier.

Washing Mikki's toys 🧸
  • 16.01.2023
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Yorkies are wonderful companions and their cuteness is off the charts!! Natural anti-depressants.

Mikki wants to tear his sock.
  • 13.01.2023
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What is your dog playing with?

Teacup Yorkie playing in the snow
  • 08.01.2023
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So very cute. But please be careful. My Yorkie pup was well behaved and never went far. Last week he decided to randomly dart out into the road and got hit by a car =( They are so fast and so small. Take care of your beautiful baby

Yorkie Puppy Meets Cat
  • 07.01.2023
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Yorkie dogs they're all energetic dogs, full of energy. I had Yorkie dog and my dog always wants to play 24/7. I really miss my Yorkie who died last year, I miss her so much.

YORKIE PUPPY Compilation
  • 06.01.2023
  • 7931

I really want a yorkie they so cute and look easy to train my mom won’t get it I hope I get it for Christmas

Yorkie Hunting Koi Fish
  • 04.01.2023
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Our Yorkie loved to go fishing with us. He helped us "wrangle" fish once we got them in the boat. He would nip at their tails until we got the hook out. We had to show him the fish, he would sniff and lick at it, and we could then throw it in the livewell. He would jump up on the side of the boat and 'bark at the fish as we landed them........we kept a little lifejacket with a handle on it for a reason. On more than one occasion he got a little too excited and went for a swim, haha. My father in law would just get out the dip net and fish him out!

Yorkie trying to play with the baby
  • 03.01.2023
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It's important to remember that even though a Yorkie may want to play with a baby, the baby may not be old enough or ready for play. It's also important to remember that even though Yorkies are small, they can still accidentally harm a baby with their teeth or claws. It's important to supervise any interactions between a Yorkie and a baby to ensure the safety of both. If you are unsure about whether it is safe for your Yorkie to interact with your baby, it's always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian or a professional dog trainer.

Missing Yorkie Returns Home
  • 02.01.2023
  • 1068

The missing Yorkie, Beanie, from Brevard County has finally returned home, reports Fox 35 WOFL.

Yorkie in the wind! Fluffy Yorkie getting treats after a bath.
  • 27.12.2022
  • 4230

After a nice bath, Fluffy the Yorkie was feeling fresh and clean. As a reward for being such a good boy during his bath time, his owner decided to give him some treats. Fluffy's tail wagged excitedly as he sat and waited patiently for his treats. His owner reached into the treat jar and pulled out a few small, soft treats that were perfect for training and rewarding good behavior. Fluffy's eyes lit up as he watched his owner hold out the treats in her palm. He knew exactly what was coming next. As soon as his owner said the magic word, "sit," Fluffy obediently sat down and waited for his treats. He was a well-trained dog and knew that he had to earn his treats by behaving and following commands. His owner praised him and gave him a treat, which Fluffy happily gobbled up. He was such a food-motivated dog that he would do just about anything for a tasty treat. Fluffy's owner continued to give him treats, one at a time, as he sat and waited patiently. He was so focused on the treats that he barely noticed when his owner stopped giving them to him. Once all of the treats were gone, Fluffy's owner gave him a final pat on the head and told him what a good boy he was. Fluffy wagged his tail happily, knowing that he had done a good job and earned his treats. Overall, Fluffy's bath time was a success and he was rewarded with some tasty treats for being such a good boy. He was now feeling clean, happy, and satisfied, and ready to tackle whatever the rest of the day had in store for him.

Cute yorkie rescues tiny abandoned kitten by bringing it home.
  • 26.12.2022
  • 4775

A loving dog rescued a tiny stray kitten by coaxing it into following her home during pouring rain. Monica Burks couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her dog, Hazel, helping out the squeaking kitten during the heavy downpour. Monica, 48, peered outdoors after Hazel, 3, did not come back from her "restroom" break and instead kept drawing attention to a faint cry underneath their shed. Hazel persisted, staying out in the rain until Monica, from Abilene, Texas, was met by a surprise: her dog trotting down the driveway, the squealing kitten in tow. Each time the kitten stopped, Hazel - a mixture between a Yorkie, Chihuahua and poodle - encouraged her along and waited for her. And when the kitten couldn't make it up the step into the warm, dry home, Hazel even picked it up in her mouth and carried the cat inside. The moment took place on September 30, and since then Monica has named the kitten Sheba and given it to her brother, Michael, to look after.

Yorkie's balloon show. So pleasing.
  • 24.12.2022
  • 2694

Can yourkies make ballon show? Yes, it is possible for puppets or puppet characters, such as those used in a puppet show or a marionette performance, to perform a balloon show. In a balloon show, the puppets may use balloon twisting techniques to create various shapes and figures out of balloon sculptures. This can be a fun and entertaining activity for children and adults alike. It is important to note that balloon shows can be performed by people as well, using the same balloon twisting techniques to create the sculptures.

We’re washing Mikki’s toys again.
  • 23.12.2022
  • 1066

It sounds like the video on YouTube with the title "We're washing Mikki's toys again" is a video about someone washing their dog's toys. This could be a useful and practical video for dog owners, as it's important to regularly clean and maintain a dog's toys to keep them safe and hygienic. There are a few different ways that someone might go about washing Mikki's toys in the video. They might use a mild detergent and warm water to scrub the toys by hand, or they might place them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. It's important to use a cleaning method that is safe and appropriate for the type of toys that Mikki has. For example, some toys may be too delicate to go in the washing machine or may require special care when cleaning. In the video, the person washing Mikki's toys may provide tips and tricks for how to effectively clean and maintain different types of toys. They may also show how to dry the toys properly and store them in a way that keeps them fresh and ready for playtime. Overall, the video "We're washing Mikki's toys again" could be a helpful resource for dog owners looking for ideas on how to keep their dog's toys clean and in good condition.

Funny and Cute Yorkshire Terriers. Yorkie Dog Compilation
  • 22.12.2022
  • 2993

liked! I lost my 17 year Yorkie Little Roo a year ago and I’m just getting back to where I can watch dog videos again.