Jack, loves to randomly get scared of and bark at things. Today it was a hair clip.
  • 16.01.2021
  • 1029

York’s are the best lap dogs, except my dog’s sister. She just sees someone laying down and just lays on m the belly button. Named my dog Fenneken by the way for all the pokemon fans out there!

Yorkie gets excited to go outside. Cutest baby ever.
  • 16.01.2021
  • 490

Charlie loves going outside, and has learned the word outside and what it message! So cute!. if your yorkie wants to go outside then let him go. They need to their nature. As is the nature of all animals, dogs are inherent to life in nature. that we tamed them does not change this fact.

Yorkie welcomes owner and notices older dog doesn't!
  • 14.01.2021
  • 31353

Every time I come home I get greeted by my 2 yr old Yorkie mix but without my 16 yr old Yorkie cause she can't hear well. I was wondering why every time I came in the house my younger Yorkie would greet me then leave, until one day I followed n couldn't believe she was telling my older Yorkie that I'm home to get up... Such a cute and smart move she made. Dogs are so smart n some people still don't think they are. Here is the proff!

This little baby is a little bit confused. She live with piggies and she feel like a vegetarian.
  • 13.01.2021
  • 10267

In this cute animal video, a little dog wants to play with her piggy sisters. Poor Emmie tries so hard to fit in with her bigger sisters.

Stolen Yorkie Reunited With Owners.
  • 10.01.2021
  • 4022

Yorkie dogs are very loyal animals. If you can take your dog out and walk often, they'll know the location of your home. In this way, when your dog is lost, he can return home very easily. The dog in this video goes back home after disappearing. The owner was very happy.

Yorkie babies playing hide and seek. Big brother is show the little one how to hide. They both are so cute.
  • 09.01.2021
  • 6085

One of the Yorkie dogs' favorite games is hide and seek. If you have more than one yorkie dog in the house, They play kinde of game together to improve their hunting skills. In this video, you will see how dogs enjoy playing like children.

Forgotten Yorkie, In Home Alone For Month. What a lovely end.
  • 08.01.2021
  • 3943

Her owner went into a nursing home. She was forgotten and lived alone in the home for a month. Then the little Yorkshire Terrier was rescued by SICSA.

Yorkie baby first day home. She make a moon walk with happiness.
  • 05.01.2021
  • 57256

How your dog reacted when he came home for the first time. Was the process of getting used to home easy? What did you do to get your dog used to the home. if your pupy dancing when you home then she is really so happy.

Puppy Eats Marshmallow.
  • 05.01.2021
  • 20098

This is his second time trying marshmallows, he loves them! I heated this one up a bit in the microwave to make it softer. It was a hit! .

Puppy Versus Toaster
  • 04.01.2021
  • 36063

This puppy is so strange...he gets really upset if I don't let him check out the toaster from time to time. This little jerk loves jumping on counters and getting into things. It's never a dull moment with Bennie, Yorkies are so weird and cute.

Yorkie talking back at owner. Mia wants to jump on the couch and keeps complaining
  • 03.01.2021
  • 23742

If your dog trusts you, he or she will want to talk to you. Because he thinks you can understand it and not break it. If your sincerity is too much, sometimes you may even complain. Mia also wants to take the seat, but she's not so pleased that her mother won't let her. Do not underestimate the feelings of dogs.