Yorkie preciously covers baby with blanket. Yorkie love his baby brother so much.
  • 19.10.2020
  • 378

In this video there are priceless moments. Max the yorkie takes care of baby brother by making sure the blanket is covering him. What a priceless moment!. Dogs are really good friends and this friendship starts from infancy.

OMG. This little baby return to her mommy after disappearing 3 years ago.
  • 19.10.2020
  • 69

Absolutely this little guy is amazing. She reunited with owner. She goes crazy when she see her mommy. Never seen a yorkie that happy.

Tiny Teacup Yorkie Puppy Cute Purse Attack Priceless Yorkie Puppy. So adorable
  • 18.10.2020
  • 6983

As you know, dogs are very happy when they are full and love to play games when they are happy. They sometimes choose your broom as a toy or, as in this video, they can also choose their mother's bags. This priceless puppy also shows us how happy he is by playing.

Baby Monkey Happy meets some adorable tiny teacup yorkies for the first time ever!
  • 16.10.2020
  • 10156

We watched a lot of different kinds of animal and Yorkie videos. This is completely different. A confused monkey and a cute Yorkie are meeting for the first time. I am sure you will enjoy watching their meeting scenes. The little monkey seems a little nervous at first, but thinks they can become good friends later on.

Teacup size cute Yorkie playing with knitting rope. It is a lovely game
  • 16.10.2020
  • 11150

Have you ever played with a toy bigger than yourself? For example, a construction machine or a Cadillac. You want to play with something bigger than you, but you can't even move without engine power. How fun is that? In the video, a cute little Yorkie plays with knitting rope bigger than she is. Oh dear little Yorkie, watching your cuteness made my day go better. I can take you in my hands and kiss you all day long.

Cute Yorkie and Himalayan kitten playing together
  • 16.10.2020
  • 11680

Cats and dogs often don't get along. We do not know what troubles our lovely friends who cannot attract each other have. Maybe it's the race to be man's best friend. There are also many legends on the subject. There are many stories from prophet Noah to ancient Egypt. However, sometimes these lovely friends can be the best friends of each other. In the video, you will see how a himalayan kitten and a cute little Yorkie play with each other. I love that two different species can be friendly with each other. We have a lot to learn from them.

Welcome your new home sully. He so happy in his new home.
  • 15.10.2020
  • 23392

All puppy must have a home which is they be happy in them. in this video a little yorkie puppy got a new home and he so excited. He is really fell happy and play all around the home. In this video you'll see how happy a little puppy is when he has a home.

Top 10 cutest Yorkshire terrier puppies of all time. They are really so cute
  • 15.10.2020
  • 2721

Terrier puppies are very cute dogs. Sometimes they bark a lot and follow you everywhere. You may feel your heart beating faster than a second. Yorkie puppies are very cute, but they can be distracting if you take them to work. There are ear-biting habits that are pleasant but also annoying. To get what they want, they stand up on their hind legs and look at you with tiny eyes. Come on, get a yorkie as soon as possible.

Funny yorkie puppy playing with new toy ball and barking at it . She is so cute and funny
  • 14.10.2020
  • 26710

Balls are one of favorite toy of yorkies. They are so excited to play with their balls. if you plan to have a yorkie you will see how you will be happy. This puppy is everything that is adorable and this is what really matters! Screw politics. This type of video is what it's all about. This dog right here so cute forever an hi little bark

Cute yorkie puppies playing with remote control car.
  • 13.10.2020
  • 58483

Remote control cars are one of our favorite toys. I used to spend my most exciting times with them when I remembered my childhood days. When I first met them, I felt like I had a Ferrari. Being able to remotely control them and see them move would give me great pleasure to watch their maneuvers. So how would a cute little Yorkie react to these toys? We all know that dogs don't like cars. What about these little toys? Do they love them or hate them? Watch the video and make the decision

3lb Yorkie going crazy after bath. He is hilarious
  • 12.10.2020
  • 110551

This little guy going crazy after bath. He look happy and want to share his happiness with his brother. His brother doesn't understand what he doing. So funny moments

Angry Histerical Yorkshire protecting X-Mas Presents
  • 10.10.2020
  • 35713

Dogs love gifts very much, but this little friend of ours is a bit overkill. He thinks that these huge gift packages with him are all his own. Mommy doesn't even dare to approach. because the gift keeper is very angry and does not let anyone close.

Kitten " Chevy " playing with Yorkie " Bentley "
  • 10.10.2020
  • 4290

We think cats and dogs don't get along. But actually these two animal breeds can come together. They can even be great friends. Provided in this video it is proving. The cat's name is Chevy and the dog's name is Benetly. They're so funny because Benetly is trying to eat Chevy's ears and legs. But chevy is resist Benetly. Chevy is so small but still defending himself.

Baby shares cookie with her dog. Funny moments
  • 08.10.2020
  • 10414

Little girl sharing her cookie with Diesel her yorkie. Feeding the dog by your baby hands is one of best way to make a bond between your dog and your baby. So they becomes good friend and even brother or sister. In this way, your baby grows up as a open heart child. They are both have great time.