When it is said that dogs are affectionate towards humans by their nature and what are the common characteristics of domestic dogs, the answer is that they adopt the smell of the owner of the dog. Love for people starts to develop from when dogs are born. If these people do not show closeness to dogs, it should be known that they adopt it from birth. Dogs prefer to sleep on their owners' belongings, especially in the places they are found. This is because its owner's scent relieves it. Best friend of a dog that just separated from its mother is its owner. Dogs become the most loyal friends if they are helped to control their behavior. They also become best friend of little kids in the house.

Will my dog ​​hurt my baby?
It should not be separated as a child or an older person. Especially the dog hairs whose internal and external parasite applications are regularly and properly applied are not likely to harm children.
Keeping pets with babies is perceived as harmful at most of times. However, the research reveals that babies / kids who grow up with animals become stronger and contribute to their psychological development. The only thing to be aware of is the allergic reactions of the baby.
The dog's probability to create an allergy in the baby:
Dogs actually prepare people and babies for the opposite allergic reactions by introducing allergens. I want the 40 year old readers to think. Do you remember ever having an allergic friend in your childhood? But nowadays we listen to so many stories of allergic children! Since we grew up in our childhood in the streets with gardens, communicating with nature and animals, we became resistant to allergens. Now that their children are growing friendships with apartments and computers, their resistance is extremely weak. So the dog's presence does not mean an allergy threat.

It is one of the scientifically proven facts; a child growing up with a dog, touching it, communicating, sharing emotions; It causes his motor reflexes to develop better, the regulation of heart rhythms and mood, and the positive formation of his intelligence and abilities. In addition, it is scientifically proven that the child's sense of responsibility and lively communication are shaped positively in the future. It is a true observation that babies who live with a dog sleep more regularly and are more cheerful.

Let's not forget that children who grow up with dogs are much less susceptible to crime than children who grow up without animal communication.

Editor: Melisa Atak