Angry chihuahua puppy
  • 28.11.2022
  • 9657

It's like someone took a normal dog and boiled away all of its aspects except anger and neuroticism leaving this tiny hell creature behind

Yorkie is arguing with daddy
  • 24.11.2022
  • 1549

It is hard for me to stop crying. Your dog looked so much like my dog Hunter. He Used to growl the same way when I be playing with him. He died last year because of his kidney. When I watch this video, it reminds me of him. I miss my little Yorkie.

Yorkie grooming. Teddy bear face
  • 20.11.2022
  • 4019

Hi! guys!!! I'm Tiggo, a cute 8 year old york, but with a puppy face, isn't it? Do you want to know the secret of my "youth"? It's grooming of teddy bear style!! This grooming is sensational, practical, fresh and makes anyone look like a baby. Amazing, isn't it?!

Hidden Cam catches Yorkie Stopping Two Armed Robbers
  • 18.11.2022
  • 1885

I can't believe what happened to the German Shepherd in the second story. These dogs are so heroic. Let me know if you like my new storytelling series Animal Tales and if I should make more of these. I have a lot of really amazing dog story. If you love animals then make sure you check out my new foster bulldog Winston in my last video. Animal Tales is story time but for animal lovers! In the first story Starla the Yorkie protects her best friend a little girl when robbers try and cause a lot of trouble. Small dogs are smart and love their family just as much as large dogs. And there is nothing that says a small dog can't be a guard dog just like a big dog! Story number two is about a German Shepherd named Max that does whatever it takes to save his best friend when someone tries to break in. And at the end I reveal the most important part - what happened to the dogs. Animals rule and I appreciate all of your support. Thanks for being a part of this community and I hope you enjoy these real life story Animal Tales.

Attie and Keeper's Puppies.
  • 15.11.2022
  • 1114

When it comes to your pet's health, there are several things to consider. You must choose a caregiver who will be responsible for your pet's overall care and welfare. You should also choose a caregiver with experience and expertise with animals. You should also discuss your expectations with your caregiver. For example, if you are leaving your pet for an extended period of time, you may wish to have someone who is familiar with animals and who will be able to provide proper care for your pet. Puppy fostering is another option. This type of foster care involves caring for puppies under eight weeks of age. The foster caregiver plays a crucial role in socializing these dogs. The foster caregiver teaches the puppies important skills, such as where to go to the bathroom and how to behave in the presence of humans. Puppies are often sent to foster homes in pairs or groups to help with socialization. In addition, nursing mothers often accompany the puppies until they are old enough to be placed in foster homes. Puppy caregivers must be careful to avoid introducing the new dog too quickly. This can add to the stress of a new family member. The puppy may be grieving and will need time to adjust to its new surroundings.

Yorkshire Terrier. Dancing Dog
  • 12.11.2022
  • 1362

The question has been asked: can Yorkie dance? It's no secret that the little dog has the spirit of a 24-year-old. He dances on his own at nightclubs and also serves as a wise old soul to the younger clubbers. His moves are simple, but his upper body movement is very distinctive, and he wears sunglasses with a third lens above his eyes. Although the agility course is set up differently at each competition, each dog is required to follow the commands of the handler to navigate the course. The course will usually consist of hoops to jump through, a balance beam, and a teeter-totter. Once the dog has completed the course, it is judged for its obedience. Dress code is usually business casual. The competition can be very fun for both dog and handler.

Tiny Toy Yorkie Eats an Entire Carrot in Few Seconds
  • 06.11.2022
  • 4757

My 3 months old Toy Yorkshire Terrier puppy looks really adorable eating his carrot. He managed to eat the entire carrot in just few seconds!

Yorkie puppy experiences a car wash for the first time. He is so exited.
  • 04.11.2022
  • 2985

My Yorkie has the same car seat. The first time I took her thru a car wash I looked back at her and she was just shaking. So I held her and told her everything was okay and she calmed down. Now she is 10 and she can sleep thru the car wash.

Hero Yorkie dog Macy defends owner against varmint
  • 03.11.2022
  • 3748

Coyotes don't belong in urban areas and should be removed. A child was attacked in Vancouver not very long ago, and it is inevitable that a small child will be seriously injured or killed. Something to remember is that coyotes are not a native species to Ontario but started coming here about 100 years ago from Western Canada.

Charlie the cute yorkie loves popcorn
  • 29.10.2022
  • 6306

Puppies and babies, turning perfectly rational adults into baby talking crazies since forever!

Yorkies welcome home
  • 24.10.2022
  • 4955

This adorable Yorkie welcome home sign is sure to brighten anyone's day. Made of artist's resin, it's hand-painted to look like weathered stone. This all-weather construction makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor display. It's the perfect personalized gift for dog lovers. Bathing your Yorkie should be done once every three weeks, allowing it to keep its coat shiny and clean. Brushing its coat twice a week will help keep it clean and healthy. It also helps prevent it from being itchy or scratchy. A simple brushing session will help you keep your Yorkie's fur tidier and less prone to tangles. Yorkshire Terriers are generally loving and affectionate with humans and enjoy receiving attention. They are also great watch dogs and show loyalty to their family. However, these dogs are also independent and can develop separation issues from their family members. A proper training regimen can help prevent separation issues in this breed. If trained correctly, Yorkshire Terriers are great with kids. A Yorkshire Terrier is one of the world's most popular breeds. In the US, they typically rank among the top 14 most popular dogs. There are between 40,000 and 50,000 dogs registered each year. As with all dog breeds, Yorkies are susceptible to genetic health problems. You should know about any red flag issues your Yorkie might have, including Legg-Perthes disease, retinal dysplasia, and collapsed trachea.

Yorkie puppy's first plane ride. Benji visits San Francisco, California
  • 19.10.2022
  • 2114

I wanted to take Benji on a little adventure to California! Watch Benji go on his first plane ride ever and discover California! Watch and see how he does.

A day in the life of a yorkie puppy. Yorkie daily routine
  • 18.10.2022
  • 2710

This video had me in tears. It felt like I was seeing my beloved baby and Yorkie again. He passed away in May. He was 13 1/2 years old. I miss him so much. 💔 And your adorable puppy behaves the same way as mine did. Yorkies are so beautiful and gentle dogs. Very loyal and extremely affectionate. And you treat your baby just like a child that they are. They love it all. 😊The outfits, birthday celebrations, yes! 😊 That's the way it should be. I would once in awhile buy the best cut of steak for my baby, grill it for him and he enjoyed it so much.

Five Pound Yorkie Gives Birth.
  • 10.10.2022
  • 43435

Our five-pound Yorkie delivers one healthy pup and has complications delivering the second. But thankfully they are both okay! We hope you enjoy this Yorkie series!! I am really excited to be creating videos of these little cuties! We can not wait to see them grow! Join the journey and follow our social media for all the latest updates.

Cute Dog Yorkie playing on Slides
  • 10.10.2022
  • 6783

Yorkie loves to play on the slide and always wants more ! So cute !!

Yorkie barking at turtle
  • 07.10.2022
  • 7444

Yorkshire terrier Sky meet's turtle for the first time.

Playful Chocolate Yorkie Puppies. Adorable
  • 05.10.2022
  • 3885

Playful Chocolate Yorkie Puppies! Adorable Merle Yorkshire Terrier Puppies and other Exotic colors. Home Raised with our family, very socialized and LOVED.

Soldier welcomed home by her happy Yorkie after her deployment
  • 04.10.2022
  • 1989

After being deployed to the Middle East for a year, my sister Veronique finally reunites with her dog.

Teddy's Memorial Video
  • 02.10.2022
  • 6802

In loving memory of our most special baby teddy. He was 9 years old when his life was taken by another dog, he will always be remembered.

The Easter Puppy Misa Minnie
  • 01.10.2022
  • 688

Have no fear! The Easter Puppy is here. :) Misa Minnie is a 1 1/2 year old therapy dog that loves hopping, tricks, and California sunshine. She wants to wish you all a Happy Easter, bunny puppy style! Hope it gives you all a smile, a laugh, or a bunny nose wiggle.;)

New Puppy Screaming on her First Night
  • 20.09.2022
  • 11730

Molly, a baby Shih Tzu, has just arrived in her new home and is about to spend her first night in her puppy apartment. She is NOT happy about it! Hopefully, her new friend Stuffy, beside her, will give her comfort through the night.

Crazy Yorkie Puppies vs pink baloon
  • 15.09.2022
  • 12093

If you're a dog lover, you may be wondering whether your yorkie puppy is as bouncy as a pink baloon. While these two dogs have many characteristics in common, they're very different from each other. Yorkies are small, but very tough and used to hunt vermin in textile mills. In the late 1800s, they began to rise above their working class status and became the lap dogs of fine English ladies. They are also affectionate, but can be a little stubborn and curious.